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Redcat r9-x for sale,tight engine,no smoke adult owned !!!

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i lost my job so i need to sell this bike ... This would make a great christmas present for your son or daughter or heck ... Get it for yourself ... !!! I need the money ... Christmas is 8 days away ... This is a must sell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i also have a video of the bike running so you can hear it and see that it does not smoke !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can send in an email ........... To you !!!!!!!!!

ok, here we go . I have my 2007 redcat r9-x up for sale. This bike is the same height as my 2006 crf80 honda, and it has a 90cc engine. I will sell the bike in 2 ways. I will either part it out or i will sell the bike as a whole. The bike features are as follows ...

manual clutch

1 down 3 up shift pattern

hi-compression e-22 head

larger frame

extended frame and swingarm with adjustable ride height

hi-performance big bore carburetor

2 stage hi-performance air-filter

100cc air cooled engine

hi-performance tuned 4-stroke exhaust and muffler combo

kick start with cdi ignition > starts on first kick all the time

8" vented front disc brake with rear drum brake

full coverage skidplate vented for airflow and oil drain plug.

retail price when i bought the bike was $1599.99. I paid $1300.00 for the bike back when i bough it. Bike has never been in the dirt. I used it at memphis motorsports park as a pit bike. That is why the rear tires is worn now. I have some extras with the bike also.

complete set of front and rear tires, wheels, brake hubs, rear axle with the chain adjusters and front axle with the nut all removed from my crf50 as i put black rims on it. I also am including a new set of blue handlebar grips new still in the pack. If you have any questions about the bike please feel free to email me or pm me or even call ... 1-870-318-0138. I am located in cherry valley arkansas about 55 miles west of memphis ... 45 miles south of jonesboro arkansas ... 5 hours from oklahoma city,oklahoma 3 hrs from little rock, 5-6 hours from dekalb texas ... I am asking $500.00 for the complete bike or i will part it out ... It is basically the same bike as a bbr, or extreme. Burns no oil and all maintence has been performed ... Bike runs out great and makes nice power it's surprising ... It wll smoke my crf70 and will bust the crf80 i have ... They are both stock bikes tho ... Pic are of actual bike ... As i said i wore the rear tire at the track getting time slips and food and drinks ... Any questions ... Please feel free to ask ... Crf5o, crf70, atc70,trx70 this engine will Drop in all of them or your custom builD you have going on ....


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