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Red billet gas cap breather, $5 shipped!

This is a used part. It has a few small scratches but it still has gotten me laid several times. It still serves its purpose. On egay they go for $10-20. It does not have a fuel line attached to it in the pic, but I can get you the hose from my Dad's shop, just tell me how long you want it :naughty:

If you do want a hose add $1 to the order, that will make it a bit heavier and possibly not able to fit in a standard envelope.

I think it is ridiculous to pay that much.

$5 shipped, $6 with hose. No BS.

Send payment via PayPal to: [email protected]

If you just send the payment without telling me please alert me via call/text or that email above. I am out of 50's and I rarely come on this site. 203.448.6402.

Thanks for looking.

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