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Red baron forks

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does anybody know if the new red baron factory forks are the same basic things as the bombshells?
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Basic in fork desgin, but diffeent in that you can get them as a fork kit for your stock hub, and as money lets you add the disc brake later.
how much do these cost, im not askin for a link just a price
Red Baron factory fork

• 6” of travel.

• Fully adjustable.

• MX or BMX bar mount positions.

• Double lip labyrinth style moto seals.

• 50mm wide oversized slider bearings.

• 6061 aluminum construction

with 4130 chromoly stanchions.

Price: $779.95

upgrade kit - optional

Price: $205.95

(billet hub, hd spokes & disk brake)
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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