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Red 110 clamps

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I really want red clamps just for the top for now. Are there any others then big minis?

Im thinking of running the protaper p3 clamp with 55mm 1 1/8 risers with protaper countour with a travis fmx bend. Im 5'7" would that be tall enough?
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Any pics of this setup or just the bars?
No it's not quite tall enough. It ends up just a little taller than stock.

I use that set up for road racing, and for off road, i switch to the ProTaper XR50 bar with the midsize risers.

I just ordered the +30mm lift kit for the P3 clamps, I'll post some pics.
Pro tape SE's? The stock 1 1/8 clamp comes with 55mm risers. What bend were you using? How does the Pastrana FMX bend look?
I run the ProTaper Travis FMX (the tallest MX ProTaper bend) with the 55mm risers. But for off road, it's a little too short.

I run the 45mm risers with XR50 SE bars for off road.
How tall are u? And were are tho pics of yours?

Also what suspention setup u running? Cause lets say you have kx60 forks and a +3 swinger, your going to have alot more leg room.
i'm 6 foot. Stock forks with BBR damp rods & springs, and Ohlins shock w/stock swinger.

KX60 forks and a +3 swinger will not give more leg room. It will give more ground clearance, but the seat to footpegs doesn't change.
I mean when you put your leg out for the corner. Pics? Pics? Pics?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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