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Rebuilding 2002 110 motor

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I need to rebuild my stock 2002 110 motor. I found what I think is all the parts at they are close to the same price as what my dealer wants.

I figure to do a topend rebuild (besides cylinder) it would need piston, rings and basegasket. Do I need to replace the pin that goes through the piston? or the c clips that hold that pin in?

How can I tell if I need a new timing chain or cam gear?

How can I tell if the valves are bad?

What else should I replace or look for when doing this rebuild. The bike won't be ridden much but I want something that when I sell it I know it will last for the next person.

Also not sure if anyone knows the exact bolts I am talking about but the bolts that go on top of the clutch basket and screw into something (not sure what (I am new to this). Where can I get those cheap? bike bandit wants 3 dollars a piece for them and they are tiny bolts and I need 3 of them. Just wondering if thats what I should expect to pay or if that is a rip off.

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Also I did a search and couldn't find anything but does anyone have a link to a rebuild guide like step by step how and what I should do or even a video maybe?
buy a topend gasket kit, have the cylinder honed, you don't need a new piston rings would do fine but it overall would probably be a better route. look at the valve seats and see if they are bad, if they are than buy new ones. the topend kit will come with valve seals and o rings for everything. replace it all. its really easy to do a top end, basically take all the connections (wiring, fuel, exhaust) off, then disassemble the motor top to bottom, install the new parts and go backward. this might help you
Are you updating the 2002 motor to 2003 and newer guts? Unless you are are going to leave it stock you should.
I am leaving the motor completely stock. The motor is getting new rings and a piston I want to make sure it is all set. Where can I get the cylinder honed? The motor was never siezed it just doesn't have compression does the cylinder need to be honed? How can I tell if the seals or orings are bad? Who sells a full topend rebuild kit? I have been piecing it together off of I want a stock 110 topend rebuild kit this motor is gonna be bone stock.
Why do I need to remove the ignition cover and how do I know if the timing is set right?
go on ebay and search klx110 cylinder. There's a guy on there that sells brand new OEM cylinder, piston, rings, gaskets. for $120
i have a 2002 motor and had just rebuilt it.. personally i wouldnt go stock bore.. i would go a 134 kamikaze and put in a different crank and basket and possibly primary drive gear. and a lightened flywheel or inner rotar kit

With a motor like myn i have a stock carb that needs to be jetted, but as of right now its fun to ride and has plenty of power for trails.. along with a stock exhaust.. 134 would last just as long as a stock bore as long as the motor is broken in right..
Well being that I already have a mod motor and bike I don't want to put any money into the other one so i'm making it stock and selling it already bought both rebuilds does anyone have any tips of how to rebuild it or do a manual clutch installation? What about break in tips?
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