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Rear Brake Setup for Pitster X4

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I'm looking to replace my son's rear brake setup on his X4. The stocker does not work well and does not work consistently.

Anyhow, do you happen to know of:

a) either a Jap brand (KX, YZ, etc) that will bolt on with out too much effort


b) a decent aftermarket brand that will work consistently and is a direct bolt on

Thank you for any info you can pass this way...

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Not yet, but thought about it. The whole stock setup seems *cheesy* to me.

I guess I'm used to Jap quality bikes where the axle spacers and rear brake pads stay put once you put the rear wheel together...I need like two people out there with me just to hold things in place during the assembly process.

His brake pads are worn and need to be replaced and the clevis setup didn't appear to be working properly that is the reason that I asked for a "complete replacement" solution. The pads alone are like $20 bucks and the Piranah setup you sell for $65 look like they will work, but wasn't sure.

I guess I *could* try to go the cheaper route: replace the pads, replace the fluid with DOT4 and bleed the brakes...see what that gets me.
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