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RC motor price question

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hey skindonor i have a few questions about your motor. i'm interested in an 88cc 4 speed and i would like to know how much it is with the cam and porting as well as the 50mm high comp piston. do your motors include a carb and if not which do you recommend? and also which pipe will work best with that set up? thanks
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Sorry to ask some questions in your post woodsracer but I was wondering a few things about Skindonors motors too.

Do they come with a stator? Does a shifter and kick starter come with it or do you just use your old ones? Also how much more for a manual clutch kit installed? Thanks
I'm pretty sure his motors come with the cluth and carbs and shifter and with the cam and all that its like around $650-700 or somewhere around there maybe less.
Heh my old 86cc was 599.99 it included stator with lighting coil ,complete 4 speed 1 down 3 up manual motor ,carb . you can use the shift lever that is included but the kick starter wa a little differant than we were supossed to get so you use your stock one . the wiring harnees was not included so you use a stock one also the intake manifold was differant so you need a new one.

our new motors will be all black with black chrome side covers it will include intake ,carb,throttlecable and throttle ,wiring harness with rev box,primary manual clutch ( style that comes off primary shaft not crank like the Takagawa) for better revs and so you can start it in gear, I will port the head for free and will have race cams availible (free instalation)kick start lever will be like stock lever plus a shift lever will be included this motor will be a little higher in price but will be drop in ready.

if you have questions feel free to call at 909-674-5123 ask for Vince

Thank you for your support
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ok that aswered most of my questions. what pipe do you recommend for this setup? the last two questions i have are does your cylinder have holes to mount a skidplate on it and when will your "new" motors be available? thanks again
Protec is the pipe of choice for our 86cc .

the cylinder does have holes but it is 6mm longer so we use the skid plate that mounts to the rear case bolts.

the order is being processed as we speak so I hope to see them in 4 weeks but these motors are complete custom motors and they take more time than my last ones did so I hope first of all that they get done to my exact specs then I'll worry about there arrival time.
id be happy to test one of em out for ya :wink: just pm me about when and where, or ill give you my adress of where to ship it to hahaa
8O jep the checks in the mail :lol: :lol: :lol:
how much hp and is the sik50 pipe good with the motor
skindonor where you at
skindonor i might swing by ur store i am coming to cally for easter :D
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