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Rausch Creek

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Does anyone here ride there 50s at Rausch Creek in PA?
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I might be up there sometime this summer. I live about 2 hours away in maryland. My uncle has been there but i havnt.
Just let me know when you are going to head up there because i will defently go up. You can instant message me on Suzuki50d if you want.
Does Raush Creek have a seprate track or jumps built for 50s or do you ride on the big bike and quad tracks? Im thinking about heading down there sometime in the summer with my quad.
I've heard good things about that place, I'd be up for going for a big bike/mini ride.
We ride the 50s on the youth advanced track which is perfect for the 50s but if you want you can always ride the big bike and quad tracks.
im headin up to rausch creek this sunday if anyone wants to join me.the youth advance track is cool there. dustin next time we go there we have to try high elevation on the 50s.think well make it up the hills.

that track is sick, i was up there less than a month ago it was awsome
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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