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Ramdom 09 LXR160 pulled off the assembly line (vid)

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I am proud to announce the 09 PitsterPro LXR 160 is the best pitbike right out of the box!!! We have take great steps to insure that the bike is setup right out of the box!!! We spent a lot on time in china perfecting the assembly line and setting standard suspension settings and jetting giving the customer the best you can buy.

this is a random LXR pulled off the line for testing

here is a pic of another one we tested the same day

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it will hold it's own and then some fosho !!!

congrats to pitster. that 2nd landing looked a lil sketchy from what ya can see !
What shootout did it win? No offense to you or pitster but how can you guys go around claiming its the best pitbike in the world when it hasn't even been released to the public and proven on a large scale?
tim, it's badas$ trust me. this thing is not your typical china bike.
what pitbike ever have been in a shootout? what i can say it was me testing the bike and setting up the bikes makiing sure they are jetted and setup right. if having a 230lb guy jumping 50feet is a fair test .
matt that was you?

yes it was. I put in a lot of hard woork in over in china
oh yes.... she will be mine.... matts bike, hackmunch's motor build.... oh yes she will be mine!!!!
I think Pitster forgot to log into his advertising name...
50 said:
I think Pitster forgot to log into his advertising name...

funny it don't look lke advertising to me im just saying how much I like the bike . I don't have a price up or anything so I don't see the problem?
i really have to ride one of these. by any chance is there gona be one at a socal track like the ssr was at milestone?
if you guys were in ohio you could demo one anytime.
great job you guys ,looks like these bikes will be very good !
1 - 20 of 58 Posts
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