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Raised bars

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Which bar kit is better? The Bbr or 50 Stunt? They are both about the same price but I am looking for the toughest.
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I have the BBR and have taken some hard hits on pavement and their still good.
I have the BBR ones and have no complents w/ them
I ended up getting the 50 stunt bar kit because it was cheaper and also free shipping. I plan on building a bike up in the near future for MX so I will do the Bbr's then. This bike now is gonna be for stunting.
50 stunt ones are real nice, ryan moore builds them himself
I like BBR but have heard some bad things, especially about the bars. And ryan is a first class craftsman who thinks of product not profit, not tha bbr doesnt but I have had a BBR bar kit and it was finethe 50stunt bars look bada$$ like old school luv bars, for u bmx guys. And BBRs bars r ugly too. to bring in a 3rd option I have the protaper bar kit and I love it, its adjustable and come with a higher mount. Check them out they rock....

Pro Taper CRF50 & XR50 Bar Kit
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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