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TrailBikes said:
TrailBikes, what is your head equivelent too. ie: Ported head, HRC head, XR70 head, Ultra Head, X head, Super Head?

Just poewr wise, which is most like.

Hi Logical,

It is equal to the HRC head if you are familiar with that. I have not run any of the heads you mention so I cant honestly give you a comparison. The valves are 19/23mm and porting is perfectly matched for running a 20mm carb. I dont make any claims on it being able to "spank" this or that, but bottom line its a lot of fun and no doubt much better than just running a straight 88cc bore kit. Best of all, its affordable for the average person. Also, the customers who have purchased them so far have all been very pleased and once again, its only the other vendors who have something negative to say. I'm sure as I sell more of them, people will see for themselves the quality of these heads.


Trail Bikes

Thanks for the info, i was wondering about your heads 8)
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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