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waking up a dead thread:

87-91 octane fuel is fine for any engine running under 13.5:1 compression. the pressure is what causes detonation. higher octane is more resistant to pressure detonation

110+ octane would be for 13.6:1 and up

a higher octane will not make you faster (everybody likes to think so) a lower octane gas burns slower and cooler

a lower octane gas burns faster and hotter

myth bust: AV gas is fine for really any engine. its not designed to sustain high rpm for a long time for low oxygen environments or anything, i used to mix that 50/50 with chevron 91 octane and it worked awesome in my 2 stroke and 4 stroke. i have an airport less than 2 miles away.

in a stock style motor, race gas will do absolutely nothing but smell good. might burn cleaner and reduce buildup though. have a correctly jetted motor and it wont build up massive amounts of carbon

race gas is for race engines, nuff said. have an air cooled bike that runs real hot? run a higher octane. burns slower and cooler like i stated above
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