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quick blip throttle bogging.......

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Hey guys so i have had this bogging problem with my stock carby for quite some time. When i first start up the bike within couple of seconds i quickly blip the throttle and the bike wants to bogg and shut off. Fast blip of the throttle.......boggs and wants to shut off, i would have to roll the throttle slowley for this not to happen. I then thought it was a warm up problem in that i havent let the bike properly warm up to temp before i blip the throttle. Well i was wrong, it still does this. From a stand still at a traffic light if i want to blip the throttle quickly to get a fast take off the bike will want to bogg for a second then catch itself before it goes. I have cleaned my stock carb as well with no luck.

Recently i purchased a BRAND NEW CARB, and put everthing on there, kick started the bike and it started first kick, i thought i was outta the woods now! But then low and behold, i quickly blip the throttle and the symptons still persist!!!!! What else can i do? I even changed to a brand new carb and this still is happening....what else can this be?

Thanks for everyone who can help!
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If you are free revving the bike in idle with a quick twist a throttle, you are just chasing your tail.

You can't jet a bike like that. You have to be riding the bike with a load on the engine to truly tell what's going on.
It's called a drop in velocity in the carb when you open the throttle which is causing "the bog". Carburetors rely on velocity to take fuel out of the float bowl and into the engine. Big bikes have accelerator pumps to help combat this but can lead to an over rich condition at times and the reason they don't put it on smaller bikes is mostly because it's a more expensive carb to put on what the manufactures consider a trail bike vs a performance bike.

You can't tune a bike by what it does on the stand. If it runs well while you are riding it, then leave it be.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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