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quick blip throttle bogging.......

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Hey guys so i have had this bogging problem with my stock carby for quite some time. When i first start up the bike within couple of seconds i quickly blip the throttle and the bike wants to bogg and shut off. Fast blip of the throttle.......boggs and wants to shut off, i would have to roll the throttle slowley for this not to happen. I then thought it was a warm up problem in that i havent let the bike properly warm up to temp before i blip the throttle. Well i was wrong, it still does this. From a stand still at a traffic light if i want to blip the throttle quickly to get a fast take off the bike will want to bogg for a second then catch itself before it goes. I have cleaned my stock carb as well with no luck.

Recently i purchased a BRAND NEW CARB, and put everthing on there, kick started the bike and it started first kick, i thought i was outta the woods now! But then low and behold, i quickly blip the throttle and the symptons still persist!!!!! What else can i do? I even changed to a brand new carb and this still is happening....what else can this be?

Thanks for everyone who can help!
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I have a totally stock 110 except for pod filter and exhuast. I heard the VM26 is too much carb for a stock110 so i figured i added those two elements to make it at least acceptable haha.
Oh really?! Thats good to hear, i guess i gotta go find me some pilots and maybe finally figure this out. maybe i shouldnt of been cleaning and rather of been buying........pilots!:):)
ok guys after 3 days of messing around i threw in the towel! I richened up the pilot on the stock carb all the way up to 5 jet sizes and it would not go away. Now today i bit the bullet and just decided to get a new carb to remedy this, i put in the mikuni vm26 and the bog is still there!!!!!:confused: With the new carb i started off with the stock 22.5 pilot, i also went to a 25-30 and still this weird bogging thing has not gone away. With the fatter jets my spark plugs look black, i also went lean on the pilot as well just to see what it would do. What could this be? Valve adjustment needed? Im lost! PLEASE HELP:confused:
Could this be just a 4 stroke characteristic? If I just roll the throttle the bike seems ok, it's just a very quick blip 1/8 of the throttle that makes it choke out. Instead of tuning on the stand, I took the bike out on runs with pilots from 15 all the way to 25. Man I hope it's something else... Different needles? Needle jets?
Oh here's a clip on YouTube that's exactly what my bike is doing.

1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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