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i may be getting a 2 bros swinger today i had a few questions

wll my stock brake still work for teh rear or will i need to buy some kind of extension?

Also i will be getting an ishock but for now will my stock shock work somewhat ok with the swing arm?
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The swinger should come with an extension for the rear brake. I don't think the stock shock would work very well because an extended swinger has alot more leverage then the stock one and you will probley bottom out alot. You would be better off running your stock swinger until you get a new shock.
thanks alot brotha! also i think i might be buying a pro wheel shock from a member on here. Think it would get the job done with my two bros swinger>?
You could get by with the stock shock if it had a HD spring on it for now. Skip the Pro wheel shock and save a few more bucks for something better.
yaya, i raced with my +2 swinger, (sik 50s) on a stock shock and it worked perfect, stock spring and all... well it still bottomed out everywere but it worked
lol, bottoming out everywhere, I dont think that classifies as working perfect. and DO NOT waste your money on a pro wheel shock, but I would hurry and try to save up money for a good shock asap
got an ishock from sean, should be in a few days, ishock with a resi, i put my swinger on with the stock shock, my bike still sits alot higher on the frfont with my rb's, i cant wait for the ishock to come in
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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