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Question/rear hubs/disc brakes?

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Any of you out there who have the sano, red baron(etc.)rear hubs with the disc brakes please tell how you like em'.

I'm going to get myself set up with something here in the next week or so, I have the fast50's billet rear wheel, and every time I've called fast50's it's like talking to a wall. I've never been dicked around by a company like fast50's in my life so screw em'! The thing that I have noticed on the sano, and the red barron is that they look like they have hand brakes. I hope that is optional, I prefer using my foot. I appreciate any feedback, or advice from all of you. Thanks, Rick:D
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want a reeg rear brake? 200$ used once.

i dont know if it works with that wheel though.
maybe PM me a pic, or 2
yes, sano and RB rear disc kits are both hand brake. Sano was supposed to have a foot brake disc brake like 12 months ago, who knows
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