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question about aftermarket rims

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i took my bike into the shop to get my 88 kit on with the race head and the guy there says that i am going to have to upgrade to a better rim and put hd spokes in. he is a trained mechanic that worked for jimmy gaddis on the E.A. supercross team so i think he knows his stuff. do i really need to do this?
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i have an 88 rh kit in my 50 with stock spokes and rims and have not had a problem. but i religiously tighten and check my spokes. If you ride it hard/race it a lot then you probably should.
ok. i am usually out at the track about twice a week riding. could i just put better spokes in it without getting a rim?
i don' think so because the nipple holes will not be big enough for the larger spokes and nipples. the heavy duty spokes are larger and require drilling out the holes in the stock hub, but that is easy. I don't think you can do that to a stock rim. it would probably ruin it
so your saying either keep it all stock or upgrade spokes, nipples :eek:, and rim.
No, what i am saying is that the spokes are going to go before the rim. If you are going to do it, get the spokes and the rim, because there is no reason to do spokes and a rim and lace and true it twice
ok. i think i will hold up
yea itll be good for a long while i wudnt worry bout it!!
i managed to crack a stock rear hub but i will admit to not checking for loose spokes in awhile!

If you have the money get HD spokes and just drill the holes in the rim and hub to fit the HD spokes, upgrade rim and hub if needed after!

Or if your just a big ol pimp then just go all out now! :D
The stock wheel will hold up for quite some time if you keep the spokes tensioned correctly. I rode on my stock rear wheel for over a year with my 88 kit before having any issues. I did blow the wheel out but it was because I quit keeping the spokes in spec. Unfortunately spoke tensioning is a bit of an art and you can mess up your wheel if you dont know what you are doing.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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