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Pw80 pics or other chineses that look like pw80´s

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Here´s some pictures of my pit bike (pw80)

I know that is kinda gay but a awesome bike to ride.

A couple of mods and it runs like a normal pit bike:)

Guys post your pics too!!!


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They're a riot to ride, cheap to mod, and easy to maintain. Anybody gives you crap, tell 'em I said STFU;)
theres a restricter washer in front of the pipe opens it up some if removed
i had one for my 2nd bike, i ran that bike into the ground.and it never let me down:D
I was going to sell mine ['93] but my wife likes to ride it.:hug:

Do you run premix or auto oil thingy?
My brother had a jianshe and we killed it the first day but was so worth it it was like 30$
My buddy has one and doesn't have enough money to go buy a 110, so he wants to mod the pw. What all can you do to them? He's getting it bored out cuz it locked up on him, but then again that bike has been to hell and back. Lol
we rode mine into the dirt since i was seven to about fifteen the only problem the pipe broke off and throttle cable broke. then one day throttle cable got stuck wide open, when i bailed it landed in a ditch and blew up. took the motor apart and the piston was in a million little pieces. fixed it and put the motor in a BW80 frame we found on the side of the road. funnest bike ever!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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