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I recently bought a Sikk bike for only $100 and put a new HP carburetor on it to make it run. The bike does not idle so I assume the clutch is broken.

Anyway, I have only ridden it for 2 short periods on two separate days and it started up just fine by push starting it.

I rode it to class today and it push started normal on my way to class but when it was time to ride home, it would not push start anymore. I had to lift the back tire, give it gas, pull start it, put the tire down, and run forward and literally jump on the bike just to get going. I need the push start to work again!

There seems to be little or no compression noise when I push start it now. When I got home I moved the spindle down closer to the wheel by adjusting the screw but that did not fix the problem.

What else could it possibly be?

Heres a video of it making the noise. Its a spindle drive.

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