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So a few weeks ago I bought two atc 110s from somebody on craigslist for $60. so that means I got each trike at $30. One of em was a parts bike and had a bad tranny. first gear was gone. and the other trike had potential. I tore down the project trike and got all the rust off the frame and put a carb from a Chinese bike on it. cranked up and ran. I test rode it and parked it. SO a few days ago I went to pull the carb off it and put the tank and plastics on it when I found grey oil in it. if you don't know what grey oil means, it is when you have condensation inside your block, caused from water seeping thru cracked case or head gasket. luckily I didn't find either and then learned that it can happen by leaving the oil plug loose. which I had done. stupid me.. I then changed the oil and took all hoses off the crankcase breather. that reminds me I gotta buy some more hose. yeah and I checked my plug because the bike would not start or fire. so I checked it and I was getting a weak blue spark. not orange so the coil is good. I traced it down to the stator coil and they cost $17 on ebay. so in total ima be spending nearly $70 to get this trike back to good condition. I bought fenders and a pull start and a tank off a guy for $40. that was a friggin steal!! cuz all of those parts woulda cost at least $100 on ebay. only prob was the pull start was for a different year model atc 110. so I used .25 in. spacers to install it. Southern Ingenuity! lol and yeah only sh!t left to buy is flywheel puller $13, stator coil $17, Carburetor $25. That's all I got and if anyone has any advice on how much a atc 110 that has been resto-modded is worth plz hit me up. Thanks for reading.
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