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2007 Mini Moto SX Results for iShock Team Riders

May 4, 2007-Las Vegas, Nevada- iShock Team Riders swept the 2007 Maxxis Mini Moto SX by winning a total of (3) #1 plates. In the 10” Youth Tyler Villopoto and Kyle Engle went 1 and 2. In the 10” Expert Colt Humphrey railed his way to the win and the #1 plate and a #3 plate in the 10" Stock/Mod, while Derek Costella, one of iShock’s longest running team riders clinched the 12” Expert class for his 2nd AMA #1 plate.

12" Expert

1st - Derek Costella iShock Team Rider

2nd - Jeremy McGrath

3rd - Tyson Burmeister

4th - Ryan Beat

5th - Willy Browning

10" Expert

1st - Colt Humphrey iShock Team Rider

2nd - Ryan Beat

3rd - Jeremy McGrath

4th - Derek Costella iShock Team Rider

5th - Derek Rose

12" Youth

1st - Scott Champion

2nd - Wil Hahn

3rd - Black Bagget

4th - Alex Cody

5th - Kyle Bosch

10" Youth

1st - Tyler Villopoto iShock Team Rider

2nd - Kyle Engle iShock Team Rider

3rd - Blake Bagget

4th - Wil Hahn

5th - Brandon Schreuder

12" Stock/Mod

1st - Joe Desimone

2nd - Tanner Alexander

3rd - Jason Ellis

4th - Tony Esposito

5th - Dustin Somogyi

10" Stock/Mod

1st - Kyle Coen

2nd - Clint Johnson

3rd - Colt Humphrey iShock Team Rider

4th - Jake Osborne

5th - Duane Brown

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Yeah Colt Humphreys got bumped up to third in 10" stock/mod after we caught the third place rider with a cheater bike. Alum. cly. Warned him in the tech line and before for the race. Don't podium, you won't get it. Don't you know he jumps up on the podium anyway! They didn't want to embarrass him! Yeah right. Robbed Colt the spot on the box so this CHEATER could stand there. We fixed it when he came off. Colt was thrilled! Good guy and rider. Needless to say, if you have to run a cheater motor, why not just try to learn to ride faster.

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You guys are correct, Derek's bike did have an Elka shock on it. Derek is contracted with BBR/Monster and their Mini Moto Bikes use Elka shocks.

However, Derek has been an iShock rider from beginning and runs iShock's on his personal bikes and Yamaha Rhino.

Notice the iShock logo on his Jersey.
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