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As the title says, I want to start planning for the winter build. I have not one, but two bikes to mod. I'd like to have some suggestions from you guys. It's about power only, the suspension is fine.

First off is my own. 130cc/stock carb/airbox mod/pipe mod/37 rear sprocket. I thought about a Hyper cam and maybe an aftermarket airfilter. I don't want to go crazy. Just some more power out of the corners. It has some serious hours on it and I don't want to force the issue with the output shaft, transmission,... Any suggestions? Is an aftermarket pipe much better then a stock mod pipe?

The other one is from my brother. It's bone stock motor wise. I plan on 143cc with an aftermarket airfilter and different gearing. He wants a pipe, too. How much will the stock carb hurt the bbk?

Maybe even an YX head on both.

I will keep the stock clutch with hd springs on both.

I never split cases before for a 4th gear drum, but if I do I might consider a stroker crank. How would a 130cc stroker (=140cc) compare to a 143cc bigbore?
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