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hey i ride for mark the owner of pps and all i have to say about the bike is it is unbelievable. ive ridden alot of 110s like the fully tricked out two bros and what not and the pps 110 is my true favorite. as suspension goes you honestly cant get any better using marzzoches(however you spell it) top of the line front end then you get pps new swingarm with a woks shock set up for your waight and riding style and with the motor all bored and and there super fast pps monster head you cant go wrong. plus all the other goodies you get. i hang at the shop alot and mark puts his hart into the bike when he works on them(total opestit of a half a$$ job) so dont be worried on spending some green on there bikes youll come out a happy camper!!!!!!

1 - 1 of 30 Posts
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