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will u be there if it happens

  • yes

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  • i wish i could but its to far away

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ppl near michagin !!LOOK!!

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ok i live in st.joseph michagin right near red bud im looking in to buying a building thats perfect size for mini racing there will be races every friday night but befor we go and do this we are wanting to see who all will come if theres not anof ppl intrested in coming it wont happen plez be serius DONT SAY U WILL COME IF U DONT PLAN TO its right off of us 131 near benton harbor prices will be cheap there will be a cosetion indoor pitting when its cold. the clases will be 50 stock (stock motor bar kits alowed pipe alowed filter springs and after market frames that have no more than 1inch exstenchins lift kits only if needed) , 50 mod (up to 88cc pipe bar kits frame kits stock fiddy style swingarms 10" rims), mx (up to 130cc any style suspention 10" rear up to 12" front this is a class for the sdgs and xtreams and extramly modifide 50s, midsize stock (stock klx 110s xr70 ttr90 pipes bars and filters are alowed, and midsize mod (xr 70, 80 and 100, klx 110, ttr90 and if u want to run your 50 u can anything go's up to 150 cc)
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for sure............ im from illinois

when are you doin it
Not to far but a bit of a drive. I would check ya out but not on a regular basis to be honest.
Im from Marshall,MI.. we've raced at red bud alot over the years so the drive is not so bad, however due to the cash flow and poor judgment on my half, some of our bikes are not race ready....aww screw it, when do we race? Im there!!
i don,t know how far you guys are from illinois but they have a 50 race with pay out. you can check they track out at their web sit.
Its a drive to benton harlem! Im close to detroit and about 15 guys currently race at Kart 2 Kart.
i would try to come but it would probly end up being a once a summer kinda thing. but yea i would be down, even tho its a good lil drive from NC.
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