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powercore 4

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I was wandering if that exhaust is any good for a fifty and how does it looks.

Is it this one

Or this with complete line
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the top one but its not supposed to have those heat sheild mounts on it. I have that exhaust and would highly recomend it.
I have heard some good things and some bad things about it.
I had the fmf big bore and it worked really good ,and for $150.00 new you can't beat it.
klx pitrider said:
if ur gunna get a fmf get the 4.1 so sick!!

probably but its a lot more expensive
No problems with mine. It's a LOT quieter than my Big Gun Evo.
the big bore is great for 88kits but for larger kits the 4.1 but that doesnt mean either is better, just different applications. To clear it up I have the big bore w/ 88 kit.
What about pro circuit t-4 is that any good
If your going to spend $200 + for a pipe i'd go with the Yosh.,a very good pipe for around $230.I had the FMF,BBR,Ti-Force and now the Yosh and i like it the best said the But if your looking for a good pipe at a very affordable price then yes the FMF is a good one,but go with the big bore,
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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