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Well, I waited for the week end to pass and Monday to pass as you asked me too do, I called the bank late today and they have NO record of any $20.00 refund.

You quoted me $1329.00 shipped on the phone for the Takegawa 124+R complete kit but yet you charge my friends credit card a total of $1369.99!

The guys name was Phil..and I dont care what anyone else says, your a complete tool and rude.

So thanks alot for your honest business, I'll make sure I spread the word being that you guys are blowing me off on this. It's not really even the money issue, it's how you handled it...poorly.

If you want me to change my feedback, PM me and make this right with me please.

Otherwise, buyer beware of the salesman named Phil.
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I have been waiting on spark plugs t come from them for over 1 1/2 weeks now. :(.
I'm with you Dave. That guy is a complete tool. He f*cked up my friends 2500 order. Forgot a bunch of stuff, then it turned out he didnt even charge him for it and when he ordered a set of BBR rear disks phil only charged/ordered him the adaptor. But that was figured out before his big order went out. Funny thing was they still forgot the adaptor. I got to say latly ALL mini shops are slacking. BIG TIME~

Matt i'll keep my mouth shut about your wicked ways of running your company! IMO your one of the worst shops out there
Well the first thing that opened my eyes is when I asked how many 124+R kits they had in stock.

Phil tells me only 1 left!

So I asked him, what about the 2 kits you have on ebay right now? answer. I should have known right there that I would be dealing with trouble.
either its wrong stuff or used stuff

PAX has never let me down
smoothoperatorsfreestyle said:
either its wrong stuff or used stuff

PAX has never let me down

I hear that alot that he's good to deal with. I tried him a few times but would never return my PM's. :confused:
im having an issue with ordering from a reputable place right now as well. I think I ordered the 13th and now, after I get a hold of them, its not expected until monday the 25! Last time I order from this place.

Powersports store is usually really good though. You may want to ask for management and explain whats happening.
Hmmm Thats Sucks To Hear Everyones Troubles
Yeah, call and ask for Tom.. He should be able to get you some answers.
Wurms said:
Yeah, call and ask for Tom.. He should be able to get you some answers.

I have bought thousands of dollars of stuff from them , with not one issue . they have been very helpful with any questions I had or advise that I needed , I have been dealing mostly with Tom , with great seccess . At first I thought that this was a different ( power sports store ) but when I seen Toms name I knew that it was the same one that I have been dealing with , I am still stunned that thier was an issue , they have been perfact with me. just my input thanks David
They have gone down hill. Its sad to say. I have built a few bike through them as well as 3 of my friends and it seems the service has been getting worse as the builds go on
wow glad i saw this was going to buy a frame and swinger from there glad i didnt
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