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polished aluminum chain / sprocket guards

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alright so i made a couple of these for me and my friends, then made a couple more because i had left over aluminum. i ended up with 5 extra . and these obviously will not break so i dont need them.

they were cut out on a bandsaw, sanded down smooth everywhere, then polished for a while with Mothers Mag and Aluminum Polish to the finish they are now.

theyre a guaranteed fit for a stock crf/xr 50 (i checked every one), i managed to find a non-broken oem plastic one for a pattern.

i think and i was told they look really good.

$15 shipped each if youre in the US.

Theyre about 3/8" thick SOLID aluminum.

you can contact me through email [email protected]

text 573-535-9955

or PM me ill try to get back ASAP
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oh and sorry for the bad and far away picture i tried for two days to get better pics on the post but the internet sucks too bad. if anyone needs better pictures ive got some
klx pitrider said:
pretty sweet lil part..

hey thanks man ive got some time in them theyre nothing crazy but i think they look good lol thats what happens when you need a little square of aluminum and they sell you a big square;)

anyone want one?? still got them all ill take less if i have to
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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