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mxracr20 said:
I have a Polini X1 (03?) sitting in my garage that my little brother used to ride as a backup bike when he raced the 4-6 class. It has a 10'' wheelbase, and stock two-stroke racing motor in it. I'm curious as to whether anyone knows anything about a possible motor switch that I could do with it.

It basically has been beaten close to death by friends and I riding it around on my practice track for the big bikes, and about a year ago my little sister's friend had a near death experience by unknowingly holding the throttle wide open and hitting about a 60 foot double in my backyard and landing about ten feet short, and twenty feet right of the landing. From the impact, the bike has a giant dent in the pipe, both rims bent and tires flat, bars torqued, plastics cracked and scratched like no other, and God knows what else happened to it.

So my question is: Does anyone know of any four-stroke mini motor that would fit in the frame, stiff shocks, big bars, tall seat, or 10" rims that would fit on this thing to turn it into a real, race ready, big kid mini?

Hopefully there are some Polini experts on this board who could give me a basic run down of yes and no's to this question.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

clean it up , fix the dent in the pipe , sell and buy a real pit bike .

tring to put a fifty style motor in it will ruin the bike and waste your time and money.
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