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Please help with timing. 155ho with new v2 race head.

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I really need some help with my new pitster pro lxr. It has a aftermarket 155ho crate engine and a new v2 race head. When I took off the stock head I didn't set my cam sprocket or flywheel to tdc. I have spent hours searching on line for any information I can find. I set my flywheel to tdc and I'm having problems with the cam chain sprocket. The marking on the sprocket says FL and has 2 notches on across the sprocket. When I installed the cam I put the first lobe towards the cylinder side and tried timing it. I don't know where to set the cam to the right timing and the sprocket has no other markings to line up to Tdc. I have attached a couple pictures of the sprocket and cam. I would greatly appreciate it if anyone can help me with this problem. Gear Circular saw Auto part Hardware accessory Crankset
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Thanks for all your help. I followed your instructions and put it back together. Started right up on first kick. Can't wait to ride with the new v2 head. Thanks again for the information.
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