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Plastic Throttle Vs. Billet Aluminum

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Whats your preference?
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I run a cheap plastic XR70 one but if the billet ones didnt cost so much I'd get one of those
since ive cracked 3 plastic throttles, and the housings i am in love with my red baron billet throttle
Applied throttle :D
I'm using that cheap ass die cast throttle that comes with the Red Baron bar kit. So far it's okay, but running the stock throttle cable makes me nervous.
im running the g-a-y throttle that comes with the BBR Bar kit but if I had won the lotto I'd def. buy a billit 8)
i have the billet fast 50s throttle...i have 0 problems wit it, but it doesnt turn as nice as i'd like it to, my friends f50s throttle is so smooth, so i prolly just need to clean mine
I run a plastic one on my fifty but I have a billet one on my crf450 quad. I use stock carb. and throttle because I like twist throttles. I don't like the thumb throttles on most quads.
Plastic. Its cheap to replace, and I have never cracked mine and had it for 2 years almost.
pulling a string isn't acually bad. my friends and i made a homemade chopper with a briggs and stratton in it. we had a string running from the carb. it was pretty hellacious, but cool. :twisted:
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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