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Hey All- If there is still anybody on here besides me, or if there is any interest in NSR50's anymore? I have two NSR50's sitting here. I DO have a bad ass NSF100 in the works, but sometimes a guy needs a stroker in his life? The bike will be somewhat modded. I'll have some fab work done to the frame consisting of the removal of the side stand boss, removing unnecessary tabs, and beefing up the steering stop. I want to beef up the silencer support on the sub frame too. I have a spare frame, so the stock titled frame will be boxed and shelved. The stock swinger will have some mild fab work that will consist of the same mods that the NSF swinger got. It'll have mounts welded on for rear stand spools. Suspension will stay stock. It will be running the 6 spoke NSF wheels as well. I have two spare engines sitting here, so the stock (frame/motor numbers matching) motor will be boxed and shelved next to the stock frame. I just scored a Kitaco 63cc top end on the 'Bay for $150, and it will be installed on one of my stock motors. I need to get performance reeds, a head, aftermarket pipe (the stock pipe will be shelved), possibly a carb, and possibly a port job. I want to shelf the stock fairings, and run something fiberglass. I'll be using the stock seat and tail as I have a spare sitting around. I'd like to get ahold of Billy Wiese if he's still doing his porting thing? I'll keep you posted on progress. I'll start working on it in a couple months.
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