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Pitster X4R triple clamp offset

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Anyone able and willing to tell me the triple clamp offset (forks to stem) on the Pitster X4R?

Pitsterpro - X4R specs

I have a similar bike in Aus and the steering is too twitchy/fast for my liking. Especially in soft dirt. So I want to increase my steering trail (decrease offset). Wondering how the offset compares in the X4R to my clamps. Mine have a 37mm offset.

Anyone willing/curious with any X4R just needs to put a straight edge across the center of the fork caps, then measure the perp dist back to the center of the steering stem. I am making the assumption that the steering axis and fork tubes are parallel. In other words top and bottom clamps have the same offset.

This picture might help explain what I am on about:

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Bump ...

Please, anyone with an X4R, approx measure on the top triple clamp how far your stem tube nut center is behind your fork turn centers. Can be approx measured in about 15 secs. Anyone ? :biggthumpup:

I will modify my offset in any case. Just curious to get an idea of how some other bikes (with the same frame and swingarm) might feel.
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