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pitster x2 or build my stock crf50?

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I just picked up another stock crf50 paid 300.00 for it.after trying to figure out prices its going to add up quick. it seems no one leaves anything stock on them.exept the cases. do i spend a fortune building this stocker or is china pitsers ok. btw i had an old ssr last year and my friend had an orion pit bike.both were not that great. seemed really cheap made compared to the stock crf 50. if not a pitser whats another good china bike.
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Great deal on the real far as the China bikes ya get what ya pay for...I built mine ...used an American made frame and went from there...sorry I cannot help you on what is the best China bike..I just wanted to say good job on the Honda
Its the only reason im on these forums again.a customer had astock 2007 crf50 .i was talking to him about it.he said he wanted it gone . i asked how much and said he would take 300.00 so i went to the atm quick before he changed his mind. so now i have a stock 50.really dont want a i figured i would sell it for 600 and by a china bike , build this one ,or buy a used already built 50.
buy a pitster pro x2 or sumthin, keep the stocker, and when you get some money put that 50 engine in the pitster, with it bored out
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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