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For those of you that want to run the KX65 rear caliper and YZ250f/YZ450f Integrated master cylinder on your LXR Rear end,, we have created an adapter bracket system that allows you to keep your pitster rear wheel and rotor but get the OEM Nissin brakes that you can find brake pads at any oem dealer.

This kit allows you to run the KX65 Rear Caliper which will eliminate those days of fighting the spring clips that hold in the china caliper brake pads. Also allows you to run a Nissin or any after market brake pad that is availible at any motorcylce dealer,, no more waiting on pads that you can't get locally.

Here is a picture of the kit in its packaging:

and on the bike:

Pricing is $149.99 and it is $7.50 for shipping But for a limited time (Till July 1, 2010) they will be on sale for $120.00 plus $7.50 shipping

NOTE: If you want a Black, Blue, Green, Red, or clear Steel braided brake line with the order we are doing the kit with the line for $150 plus $7.50 shipping so $157.50 shipped (Colored lines retail for $59.99, black lines are $49.99 if bought seperate)
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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