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Pitster brake help

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Hopefully someone can offer some advise here. I didnt get any answers from the 110 section, and most of the search results were for rear brakes.

On the pitster front end on my KLX110, I have a brake bleed issue. To start it all out, I got a stick stuck between the pad and the caliper one day. This locked the front wheel up. The only way I was able to get the stick out was to loosen the bleeder valve and compress the pistons down. Since then I had no front brake.

I tried the standard pump up the lever then crack the bleeder (did this with the master cylinder cap on and off), no luck. I read about putting the caliper above the m/c over night, which should let the air go up, then bleed it. Did that with no luck. Today I bought a power bleeder, had no luck.

I just keep sucking air, I put new brake line seals on. I did notice that if I take the line off the caliper and sqeeze the lever, it doesnt push any fluid out. There is a place where the line looks a little bent, so I thought maybe it's kinked. So I vacuum checked it, and tried blowing through it, those two things worked. I really have no idea whats going on here, and I really dont see how compressing the pistons could have caused this. Are there any seals in the m/c or the caliper I could have rolled causing it to suck air? This is my wifes bike and I HAVE to figure it out, shes getting pissed she cant ride, please help!
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Put some thread sealer or grease on the bleeder bolt so no air can get through the threads. Crack open the banjo bolt at the master cylinder. Use a syringe or a mity-vac (in reverse) and push the fluid in from the bottom thru the bleeder bolt. It will push the air thru the caliper and up the line. Once you get fluid at the master, close the banjo and push a little more up into the reservoir. Take the syringe/mity-vac off, then bleed the system like you normally would. The "Reverse Bleeding" method just speeds everything up. Search Google for "Reverse Bleeding" +motorcycle. Tons of links.
Cool, glad to help get your wife off your case.

That method's the only way I can deal with brakes. I suck at bleeding them the normal way. I don't have the patience for it.
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