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i am thinking of getting a pitbike and i dont know what to get. Should i get a klx110 with pro circuit t-4, uni air filter, and universal handlebars. or a crf50 with pro taper handlebars, pro circuit t-4, uni air filter,& Sik 50's little larry suspension kit. which should i get
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i would say klx. i am working on getting one myself. If you do get it, get springs instead of a pipe. and a tall seat it will be more rider friendly.

what do the people you ride pit bike with ride?
if you get the klx get stiff fork springs, rear shock tall seat and maybe new pegs/mount and shifter
I had a 50 and had to put a ton of money into it just to make it as fun as my almost stock 110. But now im putting a ton of money into my 110 so i guess no matter what I do its gonna be expensive...

Tall bars

HD springs/ 15w oil

Fox float

Tall seat

pegs,mount, and cradle mount

TB air filter or any pod filter I like TB though.

Joker pipe


KEEP EVERYTHING ELSE STOCK!!! It'll be SUPER SICK!!!! tons more fun than a mod bike on a mini track.
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how much is a fox floater for a 110 stock swinger?
ok thanks. how would tbr damping rods/heavy springs and a fox float work together?
I had the float with stock swinger and bbr rods for the forks and it was a massive improvement over stock. I would definitely recommend going with that setup if you wanna keep it pretty close to stock.
thanks i will probaly go with a klx110 and consider a shock
sorry i jacked your thread. yea i think the klx will be a much better choice. i know thats what i am after.
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