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Pit frame for the crf 50 style bikes, and import chinese bikes. It has a 2" longer main tube, and the shock mounting point is lowered 3". Will only work with single swing arm and aftermarket shock, NOT stock swing arms or shock. comes with chain roller.

I bought this off ebay, but it wont work with my GPX 140 motor, because it doest have a place to mount the oil cooler, but should work with any thing 125cc or less... I put my bike on it, but it has never been ridden.

Id like to get $100+ shipping (shipping about $40 but i will find out for shure). email me at [email protected]

Or make an offer... (I WILL accept the best reasonable offer, as it is no good to me)

please only email me if you are seriously intrested.

A little dusty in the pics, its been sitting for a cuple months..


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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