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"Must know" Chinese Pit bike info

I put this together last night to help potential New pit bikers gather as much information as possible in one place about purchasing a bike and maintaining it. The PDF file contains information pertaining to the Purchase of a New pit bike and contains a lot of compiled information for first time buyers including, Buying online, Pre-ride preparations, Engine break-in procedure, Fork servicing, and maintenance. It is a savable file and can be printed.

I will add to this file as I find information that I believe to be helpful to any and all. I can and will also add links to Manufactures and dealers websites with their permission. You guys(dealers) just let me know if that works for you - or not.

This compilation is not intended to disrespect or degrade any dealer(s), manufacturers, or any forum members. Most of the information was compiled from various TT and PM members. I take little credit other than typing it up and producing the PDF file.

I hope this answers many questions that inquiring minds want to know......

Click here to view, download, and save PDF file

1 - 20 of 59 Posts
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