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190 FLX with Lighting Back in stock !!

[h=1]Daytona Anima 190cc FLX Engine
Part No: WHS-9107[/h]


This 4 valve, 62mm bore x 62 mm stroke engine is the newest edition directly from Daytona Motor Co. The new FDX-190 comes stock with an updated close ratio transmission, an AUTO-DECOMPRESSION CAMSHAFT and reinforced crankcases.
The FLX motor is manufactured and assembled as a 190 at the Daytona factory.
Roller Rocker Arms
10mm oil cooler connection
Honda type exhaust port

(1) Daytona FLX 190 engine
(1) Intake manifold
(1) Wire Harness
(1) CDI: ( 4 selectable timing settings & 5 selectable Rev Limiter setting)
(1) Ignition Coil
(1) Intake manifold carb boot
Users manual available here

*Daytona crate engines do not come with any warranty*
*Now INCLUDES Daytona Lighting output stator


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SSR TR140 YX 140cc Engine - Engines - SSR Engines - SSR-YX140-ENGINE-0969 - TBolt USA, LLC
[h=1]SSR TR140 YX 140cc Engine
Part No: SSR-YX140-ENGINE-0969[/h]

SSR TR 140cc Engine
This is our best selling engine
Top performance and economy all in one
Super sturdy and Very strong running engine

Front Drive Sprocket Included
See picture for parts included , only as pictured.
Great Replacment engine or for builds & Projects.
Engine TypeAir Cooled, Single-Cylinder, 2-valve, 4-stroke
Bore/Stroke56mm x 57mm
Final DriveChain
Fuel DeliveryOEM 22mm or choices listed below
FuelUnleaded / 93 Octaine
Reccomended Engine Oil10W-40 Petroleum Based (Nonsynthetic)
Kick StartYes - 14mm
Electric Startno
Auxillary Output (lighting)Yes
Transmission4-Speed Manual 4Up
Shift-PatternFour-speed Transmission: N-1-2-3-4
ClutchRear 5 plate manual


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i just bought a brand new gpx 140 from tbolt and i was really happy with the price i payed for it and how long it took to get to me. it even came with a spare shifter and kick start. i was really happy with it and it worked great. i planned on running it in my atc 70. i had it in and all hooked up. i ran it through about 10 heat cycles and changed the oil 4 times before riding it. i drove it up and down my gravel road a few times and it worked great and pulls really hard. i pulled it in to my garage and shut it off and went to click it into neutral and it wouldnt go. rolled it back and forth pulled the clutch in and out but it just wont change gear up or down. feels like its stuck in 2nd gear. i dont even know where to start its like a brand new engine so its not wear and tear. if any body has any idea what might be wrong or what i should do id appreciate it. i am not bashing tbolt at all i was very happy with there service. but i wouldnt like to know if im on my own or is this something that would be covered in a warranty or something

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please contact me via email with your full name and order number
(we MUST receive an email)

Try this:
[h=1]Shift Star - TBolt USA Tech Database![/h]A loose shift star and drum will cause miss shifts
Rare problem , but normally an easy fix
Sounds like a loose shift star
Pull the clutch cover and and the little black plug near the front sprocket
see bolt #5 and the bolt in the center of the shift star
tighten both ends of the shift drum


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I'm wondering how good of a fit this engine YX Fusion Works Engine 192cc TB V2 Race Head - Engines - Works Engines - WX-192-FS-V2 - TBolt USA, LLC would be for this bike...

I've been longing to find a close to 200cc engine that would fit it properly and give me the speed I want instead of just putting it alongside the road keeping up traffic, and how would it hold up longevity wise on maybe a daily commute nearly or at least 4 days out of a week.

That engine looks like it would be a nice fit, I'm just asking cause of the high price, I already paid $300 for a unmarked chinese 110cc engine then found out it had a crack and just up and ordered a lifan 125cc semi-auto for $400 and now it appears the engine casing on it is cracked as well, maybe due to mechanic error putting the engine on too fast or with a gun and not hand torquing it and over-tightening possibly, I would just hate to spend that much money to see a third oil leak arise, but hopefully 3rd times a charm as soon as I get the money up for this engine... LoL!!

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[h=1]Piranha 146cc Works Build Ready to ship
Part No: TRC-1074[/h]

Ready to Ship 146cc Built and Tested
We start with a Piranha YX140cc 57mm stroke Engine
YX ORK Stator and Electrical Included
TBparts 146cc High compression Kit
TBparts 300 Race Cam
All Installed and Ready to Rip !!
Our Works Engine program uses Race proven Tb parts


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^^^^ Hey sorry
Most of the mini choopers have a LONG out put shaft
Does your countershaft sprocket sit tight to the cases or is it about 15-25mm away ?

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This Thread has quite a few cool Geezer Builds starting on Page 11
Heres a KLX110 Geezer Works build
55mm stroker
67mm bore
V2 Roller Rocker Race head
Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle Automotive super charger part
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