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Piranha 140cc Engine

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im planning to buy a Piranha 140cc Engine that comes with a carb.

i already have a 100cc engine i know that my hedder will dont fit for this motor, but i have a very quiet muffler thats on it. i would like to cut it off the hedder, and buy a header for the Piranha and weld the muffler to the new hedder. can i do this? also what size hedder should i get for the 140cc and where could i buy it????

i have a mini chopper with a dirt bike motor ill try to post pics later​
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The current common misconception is all big pit bike engines require a pipe adaptor or different exhaust

Basic rule of thumb

Look at the cam cover on the head , if its round its a honda port exhaust

Sure we can go into other configurations , but in general all 140cc are Honda port heads
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