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pics of the RC70 dune cycle

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people kept saying that the RC70 was not a track bike so we changed it to a dune bike with a mohawk razor up front,paddle out back ,UNI filter, and a RC stage 1 pipe .

Hope you like the pics

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doesn't work for me either, but why did u put this in the classifieds section?
I put it in the classifieds section. Any vendor postings related to products they sell belong in the classifieds section, not the roost area.
vince you cant post pictures out of your mailbox
Yah we will try to fix them but I'am not sure how to fix them and post them in the thread.
upload the pictures somewhere on the Internet, or in the XR50 gallery.

Use the IMG button above the subject line before and after like this:

Voila, pictures posted.
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yah I tryed that too it did not work.
you can get a better idea of what we did if you check out the pics in the bike galley under bike pics
It may look pretty but lets see it in action!!
i would love to see that thing in glamis......wouldnt be for anything more than a kids toy to tool around camp with......i know for a fact that that thing wouldnt be very fun in the sand at all.....paddles or not. i had my 50 in glamis and it was the gayest thing ive ever rode there. i seriously had to practically walk it around. dont plan on it going up hills either. that thing is good for a mexico beach cruiser or to ride in your camp. but not good for sand. thats my 2 cents.

but good try in making it a sand bike. a 125 isnt even enough power for a sand bike........back to the drawing boards
in order for that bike to be worth a crap in the sand it is gonna need a foes style suspension, and big big hp engine that will rev!! I have buddies that have alot of trouble with 125's in the sand, but I bet that thing would be great for hard sanded beach cruise!!
its still a pit bike guys and I know its only good for around the camp site kinda like the old BW80 . we are going to take it out to the sand and see how she does before we try to sell them .

PS. the pipe we put on it makes a load of difference when it comes to power so I hope she will go ok
yea it will be a blast if it will rev up and be able to hold it there for a while for around camp. imagine going on a ride in the sand with that though...LOL

if i got stuck in the middle of the dunes id just leave the bike and walk

i got some sand in my backyard that i can try her out on......:D
man u always got something negative to say or at least bash on suttin
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