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Pics of my crf 70 fork install and mod...

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here they are installed, i still need to fab up somthing for the brake cable.

now heres my one issue with these forks, and please if anyone has done this mod and shared the same experience please tell me. It appears that the brake tab on the forks barely sits in the grove on the drum brake assembley. and i mean barely. it does not move but just barely sits in there. even if i open it up more it can not sit in the tab anymore cause of the spacing on the drum assembley where the axle goes through.

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deputyperk said:
i was told shving the tab down or opening theslot was enough, it def donnt move.

I just shaved down my tab a bit so it would sit in the slot more, and never had any issues at all.
deputyperk said:
even if i shaved the tab more, it would not sit in the slot more. look at the drum were it butts up against the fork were the axle slides in, theres no more room. can u guys get pics how your tab slides in the drum?

Mine was just barely sitting in that slot. I figured it would come out...Like I said though, I never had any issues.

You could maybe even shave down just a bit of the drum, and space accordingly on the other side, but that will just be pulling your front wheel to the side from the center of the forks too.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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