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Pics of ice riding!

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Heres a couple pics of riding out on the pond today.


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That's pretty cool. I was thinking you guys just went in circles... I can see how that would be fun.
No way we had a pretty cool track laid out.
hondamx320 said:
No way we had a pretty cool track laid out.

Do you have any idea on how long?
Im not really sure how long it is, but it really how ever long you want make it.
I havent tried it through the snow, this was my first ride on that bike since i built it, but im sure it would work well, those screws are sharp.
That was sick today. I definitely need a top end and more studs though. I was rippping around the trails at my house when we got home and the studs hooked up mint in the snow! We riding again next weekend?
looks sick! how well did the studs track? haha millbilly your bike will tear up the ice! stud the stocker!
yea man you have to try it, surprisingly you can go relly fast th studs give you rediculous traction. where are you on the cape? im in wareham.
i love ice riding you can lay he bike down as far as you want and never lose traction
yea ice riding is soooo much fun. Anybody else near the cape ride ice?
im like 40 mins from wareham might have to stub up the tires, looks sick
Millbillyfiddy says hes from our area, we will have to get i touch with him, even to ride with this summer. we are always looking for people to ride with for sure.
yea definitely. always looking for more people. ill have my track done by the spring time but im gonna need people to run stock or somewhat quiet pipes. The more people the better!
I have a brand new set of studded 10" tires to run on my stocker... and i live 30 min away
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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