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pics from riding today

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here is you a lil preview and we are wroking on the track now as we speak because i can not race big bikes now so we are tearing down our practice track and using all the dirt for the pitbike track..

Matt riding a pitster pro

Will(me) Riding bone stock 110

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haha yea sure did it lands hard though
sweet man, looks good, wheres the track your backyard?
Cool man looks like a nice track! I wish we could see some dirt like that, all I see is SNOW right now!!
track is in the field by the house and yes it is very good dirt
looks good man, your gonna want to get some new springs soon, the harder you push, the harder the landing is all.
ahh no worried i am buliding that bike anyways i just am waiting till i have evrything to put it all together
where are you guys in ga. we got at track out in monroe if you guys want to come out and ride.
in adairsville georgia.. thats cool what yall ride
i wish i had good dirt like that around my riding areas here... let alone a good place to build a track so close to home.
amazing lookin dirt dude. sweet pics too. Pic #6 is so sick!!
haha thanx yea i like scrubbin/whipping over that able top. but our track is about to be so much better with all the dirt we are gonna have i am excited about it
man im always droooling over someones dirt on here
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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