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Hey I have a set of plastics with bud light graphics on them that are used but in good condition. There are some scratches and a bubble here and there, but no breaks. Ohh i also had to trim off the front number plate tab on top so it would fit under the clamps. They are red plastics with the blue graphics and look good. Heres a picture.


I also have an applied triple clamp and renthal bars for the fifty for sale. They come with a Maguira (sp?) throttle tube and sunline(?) brake lever and extended brake cable. You might want to replace the throttle and brake lever because they have scratches, but they do work. I think they are nicer than the bbr's, but my brother also has a fifty and when he got his forks, they came with the bbr bars and clamp, so i desided to get some so our bikes would feel the same and we could jump back and forth with no problems. I dont have any pictures, but i can take them if you want. Email me if you are interested.

[email protected]

or reply. I am new hear so i dont really know if i could figure out the PMs.

Ohh yea, i wanted $50 dollars plus shipping for the plastics, and $75 plus shipping for the bars and clamp.

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