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Loads of great parts here, I am willing to part out 1 of the 3 frame/swinger setups and 2 of the 4 wheel sets (I am going to keep two complete rollers from this collection to build again). The rest is up for grabs to fund a new truck I've been building.

Buyers will pay actual shipping charges. I will cover insurance and very proper packaging.

If you see a part you want and don't see it listed pm me an offer or ask for a price, your choice.

International shipping to some countries is fine but the buyer pays all duties and fees.

Down to business, no beat up or used up junk here, unless noted. All of my bikes are well cared for. :

First off the crf70 SSR160R Build
Frame, sub-frame, tank, white plastics, black tall seat, ssr swinger, ssr DNM rear shock, and the complete rear brake setup oe ssr or custom, your choice $600 SOLD

I have a x3 pitster swinger and a revalved custom Infinity rear shock to match add $250 ...INFINITY/RACE TECH SHOCK AND X3 TOGETHER NO FRAME SETUP IS $325
Any of the three front ends with triples, bearings, honda sl10 oil, complete twin piston brake setups,axle, and fork guards $420

Mobster 2.5 and 2.75 12" wheel set w/ PMT medium slicks, 200/220 rotors, 10.9 hardware $500
Piranha 2.75 and 3.0 12" wheel set w/ TT92's like new 200/220 rotors, 10.9 hardware $450
Pitster Pro motard mags that have been modified for proper use of it's intended cushion drive with fresh TT91's 190/220 rotors, 10.9 hardware, klx110 cushion pucks and sprocket carrier $550
Cyclone 2.5 and 1.85 12" wheel set with billet hubs from MiniMob and like new TT91's $350 rear is out of round a bit and needs to be respoked or trued SOLD

165cc built on a nice early gen. yx150 bottom end no damage shifts great (I know how to start my bikes :icon_wink:) NTN bearings with a like new Chp privateer 63mm bore high comp race head kit less than 2 hours use at Grange for practice comes w/ yx wiring and cdi $400 add $75 for Honda stator/fly wheel/wiring and Big guns over rev Cdi SOLD

177cc built on a like new z155 using a TB 64mm V2 race head top end kit 6 hours practice @ Grange track use only comes with zonger outer rotor kit and digital cdi $750

192cc built on a nice early gen. yx160 bottom end no damage shifts a little tight but engages all 4 and runs awesome 6 plate clutch NTN bearings. Akunar 65.5mm high dome with a new BBR cylinder bored to match. Comes with a yx or Zongshen head your choice. $400 SOLD

Lifan 150 with oil filter clutch cover adjustable digital ignition flawless transmission $400 SOLD

**Update to my old thread** I still have a garage full of goodies. I was in a motorcycle accident 18 months ago and dropped off the web for a while. I am back and ready to clean the garage out and start some new projects to pass some the time during my still intense recovery. I have over 4 dozen engines and 12 bikes to part out or sell. Some of these items are already pictured here the rest will be cleaned photographed and posted here as I am able to. For anyone who knows me and/or has seen my garage in person feel free to contact me about any items you have always wanted but could not get me to part with before. I am not going to get rid of all of it but since I will not be riding for at least another year its time to let some of this stuff go.
1. Medina minis TTR mid-bike $3k
2. Medina minis X-5 mid bike $2k
3. 01 Honda XR650R street legal Supermoto $6k
4. 02 Honda XR650R street legal Enduro $4k
5. 03 Honda CRF450R PinIt Racing AMA Supermoto $3k
6. 06 Honda CR85R full track trainer Supermoto $3k
7. 01 Honda XR100R all stock pretty beat up but the engine is like new inside $900
8. 89 Cagiva MX125 been sitting in backyard for years pretty much complete never did anything with it other then test compression(was good 7 years ago) $400
9. 96 Honda XR80 parts bike roller and bottom end with title $300
10. & 11. 99 Kawasaki kx60 parts bike x2 $600 for both
12. 00 Honda CR250r parts bike near complete minus engine and wheels $400
13. 10 Honda CBR600R full custom stuntbike (almost finished putting it together right before my accident)I still have not rode it so it is still a brand new build $6k

As far as engines go I have numerous boxes full of cases transmissions pistons cylinders and heads for xr/crf50 and all sorts of import chinese copies.
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Feel free to make offers or inquire about parts not listed.



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If you have any that would fit a thumpstar, Id be interested in a wheel set if you would sell em at a decent price without tires.
They are all for 15mm axles front and rear If you want them any cheaper then I am selling them they can be had from vendors on this site with chinese hardware and bearings for around $250-$400. Sorry not willing to pull the tires it cost money to have them mounted and properly balanced. I dont really want to sell the mag wheels unless my price is paid.

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BTW Thank you everyone for the offers but unless it is a cool trade or an offer of a few dollars difference please do not expect me to accept them. I only list my goodies to keep my wife from calling Hoarders on my ass, if something sells that is great. But please dont hold your breath for me to get desperate and slash prices cause I won't (unless something is just too over-priced then its possible). Also a big thanx to those contacting me via email and private message, since all the changes took place here on pm I dont get notifications for posts anymore.

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what swingarm is on the ssr 160r in the pics ? are you interested in parting it?
Pitster Pro X3 swinger

Do you have a front master cylinder that would work on an 08 piranha 160?
Yes I do pm or email me for details

I'll take a complete bike if possible. that or the whole roller, then ill just buy an engine for it.
I have several for you to choose from pm or email for my cell number to over the details.
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