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Parting out '03 xr50, Stock & Aftermarket Parts for Sale

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~My friend is going to be parting out his 2003 xr50. I just wanted to give everybody the heads and give people the opporunity to pm me if you are interested. Here is what is on the bike that's not stock: Stiffer fork springs, stiffer rear shock spring, black plastic, BBR handlebar kit, and an 88cc kit. I am not sure what he is going to keep and what's for sale at this moment but I will post more once info when I know. Also for sale is a used RC86 motor thats ported and polished with a new top end. It comes with a 4speed tranny, 20mm carb, air filter, and breather kit. It is still in the box that it was sent in from the previous owner and I was told that it makes 9Hp at the rear wheel. Like I said before, I will post pictures and more infomation when I get it. Thanks.
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Brand of 88cc Kit

~The 88cc Kit is made by Takagawa and its the basic kit (Stage S?) and it has a high performance cam in it. Can somebody tell me how to post pictures on this thing? Thanks.

im pretty sure that's how you do it if im wrong someone correct me

Oh yea and if you havent yet you also have to put the pictures in the 50 gellery
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I Can't Get it Right

~I was able to upload pictures of the bike to the gallery section but when I try to post them in a thread it doesn't show this is the link to the gallery pictures........
how much for just the forks:

upper fork tubes,inner spring assemblies,and down tubes. no bars no triple clamp
Prices and Figures....

~Ok this is the list and prices:

BBR Handlebar Kit - $100

Complete Front Forks - $125

Takegawa 88cc Kit w/ Race Cam - $250

FMF Exhaust - $100

Takegawa Hyper CDI - $50

Sprockets (15 Front, Stock Rear, Chain) - $20

Black Plastic - $40

BBR Skid Plate - $40

Stock Frame and Swingarm - $75

Stock Plastic - $45

Seat - $15

Front Wheel- ?

For any other parts pm....
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waht shape are the stock plastics in? got a pic?
pm sent
for KingSpade

~Like I said before, I couldn't get the pictures to load but there is a link above to the 50 gallery and their in there. If you want different ones let me know. I don't check this post as often as my pm's. So just pm me.

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