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I'm gonna list a FEW of the projects I have going on right now. Just for my own interest, put them in order you would like to see me complete them. I'll still do them in the order I want and I never really follow a plan. One day I wake up and feel like one and the next day it will be another. This is just to fill my curiosity.

one off billet 4 valve head for 50 setup to use on 52mm pistons :D

one off billet 4 valve head for 50 setup to use on 54+mm pistons :)

one off billet 4 valve head for 110 :cool:

190+cc jialing with lifan big valve head (after base run I'll take it back apart and touch every part for my mini drag bike) :idea:

50cc build with every part worked over... looking for over 6.5hp :p

more 124SE fun :evil:

140+ Honda 2v build :eek:

108 build to hit 15.5hp :|

67cc build with 39mm bore :lol:

I'd list more but I ran out of smilies.

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''the part'' will be with the 108 at first and when the small valve 4ver I'm designing is done it will be with that. I plan on another ''the part'' for the 140+ Honda build and the big valve 4ver I'm designing will ultimately end up with it. I wanted to do a ''the part'' on the 50 or 67. lol.

by 85 I hope you are talking pit bike... I hate 2 smokes.
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