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Been a while but glad to open up my planetminis again.

Parting out a recent build. Was building it for the ex, and after we broke up I was going to make it mine. But the motivation is not there. So gonna scrap this build to fund the next project and start fresh. Bike has never been rode since parts bought and powdercoat.

FORKS, FRAME, SWINGARM $200 shipped OBO- Powdercoated Bright White and in excellent shape. The swingarm has the All Bearings bushing kit installed. The fork lowers were modded to fit a fat Z50 wheel. So you will need to swap the lowers, but it still has stiff springs and delrin bushings inside.

ELKA SHOCK $300 shipped - Has one rub mark on the inner part of the shock. In excellent shape besides that. No leaks.

PINK PARTS $120 shipped OBO - Aftermarket triple clamp (can't remember the brand), Ignition cover, Pegmount, Kickstarter, brake lever, and Fast 50s skid plate. All parts powdercoated pink.

Email: yeadoodeyerokAT aol DOT com
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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