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outer rotor ignition kit

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hi, i would like to get some info about this rotors used on daytona 125 or lifan150. is it available to configure the ignition curves? it comes with to cables on the CDI, could be on this to configure.

it is better this outer rotors than the older inner rotors. thanks for all.
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Mine advances about 13degrees @ 4000rpm. Its good. Makes starting heaps easier and idles really well. Recommended product. Not programmable.
Howdy T&G ... What's your idle advance ... I've read where you said it was 6 degrees ? So is the total advance only 19 degrees @ 4,000 and up ? Also , what did you do about the stock slinger ?
my ignition is set at about 16 or 17deg at idle. Advances up to about 30deg by 4000rpm. Theres no more adjustment to advance it more, the slots need to be longer
That sounds better ... Are you getting any kick back on start up ? ... I just bought two ORK's off Ken @ DHZ ...
its tricky to start, lots of compression. I put it in gear and roll it backwards before kicking it or it wont spin over. It only kicks back when its really hot.
I'd like to try it with a few degrees more advance. I might machine the slots in the stator plate a bit more. I use a steel slinger that has been extensively lightened.

If I don't roll the motor back to the opposite side of the compression stroke, it doesn't spin over at all. The kicker just goes solid. I reckon I could force it to spin over but it would kick back for sure and smash something. Its a compression thing, not an advance thing. 165cc engine running 11:1 compression, starts and runs beautifully if you show it a bit of respect.
^^^^^ Sensible info ... kick start mechanisms break mainly due to a lack of mechanical understanding on behalf of the nut on the end of the kick lever ... :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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